Heliodoro Richard Santa Coloma

  Heliodoro studied fine art in New York's Music & Art High School,
Cooper Union, and Phoenix School of Design.
He was stylist for Vera scarves, designed
many wallpaper books and created fabrics
for several high-end companies.

Somehow, during a very busy career
in these fields, he still managed to exhibit
his batiks at many art shows all over the country,
selling and winning many blue ribbons for
his works during a span of more than 50 years.

Seeking inspiration for his works, he traveled
all over the world soaking in the beauty of exotic
places like Tahiti, Cuba, Hawaii, Bali, Haiti, Peru,
Egypt and the Amazon jungle... to name just a few
of the lands which filled him with a
pallet of color and ideas for creating his works in Batik.